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Modern Automatic Gates

While garage door installation is a large portion of the work we provide our clients, automatic gate installation is also another service we offer here at G & G Garage Door. Besides the security homeowners receive from their garage doors, many homeowners are opting to install electric security gates for added peace of mind. Fences, gates, and garage doors all add security. And the right choice of doors can substantially improve the curb appeal as well as the value of your home.

Electric gates were accidentally invented in 1881 by a Canadian named Fred W. Watson, who was designing a gate system to be used for railways. Not long after that, electric gates began to be used at horse racing tracks. And over the years, automatic gates and security rails have evolved to meet the demanding needs of commercial property owners as well as homeowners. Now gates have many special features that weren’t available a century ago. These features include remote control operation, linking the opener to key card readers, auto-reverse, and many other advancements.

If you’re in the market for an automatic gate for your home or business, please give G & G Door a call. We can walk you through the options and features available and help you design a custom gate that compliments the look of your home or office.

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    Types of Automatic Gates

    While the operation of gates has evolved to include opening and closing the gate with an App, the security from theft and burglary has evolved alongside. If you’re interested in making your home more secure, you’ll want to take a look at the types of gates and how they operate before you make your decision. A swing gate can be made of steel, wood, or iron, and basically pivots by the use of a wireless remote or app to swing open and shut at your convenience.

    Sliding gates can also be operated by a wireless remote, card reader, or an App. on your smartphone. These gates are the most popular and are ideal for small spaces where the gate doesn’t take up too much space when in operation.

    One of the features that we suggest you consider is a gate with a battery backup system in case of a power outage. Having the ability to exit or enter your property in an outage can be a lifesaver. Also, many insurance companies will offer lower monthly premiums if you have a gate protecting your property. Ask your insurance agent.

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    Electric Sliding Gates

    If you’re ready to take back your privacy and increase the security and curb appeal of your home then an electric sliding gate is a great way to achieve these goals. Besides the fact that you no longer have unwanted visitors ringing your doorbell, a gated driveway makes a bold statement and will impress the neighbors. A sliding gate is a single unit and slides to one side to allow entry. Entry can be made via an intercom system, keypad, card reader, or remote control.

    Many of our clients choose sliding gates when considering installing an automatic gate. One of the concerns with installing a single or double swing gate as opposed to a sliding gate is gauging the distance available when driving through the gated area. Sliding gates simply move in laterally out of the way, making passing easier for newer drivers.

    When it comes to installing a sliding gate in a commercial application, a few of the most important considerations are safety and comfort. While gates were once the domain of the rich and famous, innovations have made them affordable for almost any budget. Deciding which gate design and operation are highly important, but there are other factors to consider before pulling the trigger and installing an automatic sliding gate at your place of business. Gates can be crafted from steel, iron, or wood, and custom-made to fit perfectly with the look of your facilities. From a sleek modern look for a building in the heart of commerce to a rustic wrought iron look at the end of a mile-long driveway, G & G Garage Door can help you determine the best gate for your needs.

    Advantages Of Having An Automated Gate

    Gates Offer Privacy

    Regardless of the age of your children or where you live, privacy is of great importance to everyone. Choosing which type of automated gate is best suitable for your property in terms of privacy should be of the utmost concern as a homeowner. With the right gate, you have the ability to determine who enters your property.

    Gates Heighten Safety

    As a means of creating boundaries for your children and your pets, gates act as a protective barrier against traffic and passersby. When you control who can access your property while limiting your pets and children from accidentally wandering into traffic, your home becomes an oasis of safety and security from potential harm.

    Gates Improve Curb Appeal

    Gates can completely renovate the whole essence of how others view your property. Depending upon the material you choose, G & G Garage door can help you create a custom driveway gate, or side gate that will transform what was once an average looking home into an estate your neighbors will envy. Contact G & G Garage to learn more.

    Gates Offer Convenience

    With a variety of options for remotely opening and closing your automated gate, you can save yourself the inconvenience of being required to open and close your gate by hand. Besides the luxury component, having a remotely operated gate during times of inclement weather is especially important. Contact us for a free consultation.

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      Electric Gate Repair

      Before the advent of battery backup systems, many homeowners in Los Angeles remember the inconvenience of not being able to exit or enter their garages during one of our many power outages. Well, imagine not being able to even access your property due to the fact that your automated gate isn’t operating properly. The last thing anyone wants to concern themselves with after a long day on the job is the inconvenience of a faulty entry gate. Regardless of your situation, G & G Garage door can help. When you call, we will arrive quickly, diagnose the problem with your gate, and then provide a quick solution to allow you access to your property. So, whether you’re on the outside needing in or on the inside needing out, G & G Garage Door can help.

      Gate Installation

      G & G Garage Door builds and installs gates for large estates, apartment complexes, industrial facilities, parks, walkways, and more. And, depending on the traffic and the number of times you use your gate every day, you may or may not need to spring for the added expense of trenching and an electrician to get power to your gate. Many of the gates we install operate on solar power only, while some use solar power with an electric backup system. While we pride ourselves on our superior custom gate installation services, our number one concern is the safety of anyone who comes in contact with your electric gate, whether in operation or at rest. Trust G & G Garage Door to install your new security gate for your home or business.

      Accessories For Electric Gates

      There are a wide variety of accessories available for use in conjunction with your gate. An access control system allows entry through various control devices, including wireless transmitters, digital keypads, card readers, and even vehicle tag readers. Intercom stations provide access only to visitors who have permission to enter your business or residence, while video surveillance systems allow identification, viewing, and recording of all who pass through the gate. When it comes to determining what accessories are right for you, the cost is always one consideration, but safety and security should remain paramount in the decision-making process. If you need help with deciding what type of gate and accessories are best for you, contact G & G Garage Door for a free on-site consultation. We can walk you through the various options and help you improve the security and beauty of your property. For all other services, including repairs and maintenance on your garage doors, contact G & G Garage Door.

      While electric gates are a nice choice for sprucing up your home and can be an additional source of security, you don’t want to forget the importance of having a garage door system that is in good working condition. Outdated garage door components can lead to disrepair and can make your home vulnerable to would-be thieves. Rather than allowing your garage door to become dilapidated and failing, contact G & G Garage Door for help. We are the trusted Highland garage door repair company in the Greater Los Angeles area.