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    The Best Door For Garage?

    Regardless of if you are a new homeowner are an existing homeowner looking to upgrade the look of your home’s exterior, replacing your residential garage door is a great way to jazz up your home’s curb appeal. When choosing a door that will be installed in your garage door opening there are many things to consider. Besides the wide variety of garage door styles to choose from, such as carriage house doors, steel garage door, or glass doors, energy efficiency may also be a consideration. An insulated garage door can help to cut down on utility bills during both the summer and winter months. To help you make the best decision of which garage door is best to complement your home, check out our garage door replacement page. There you will find the various garage door styles and brochures available to replace your existing garage door.

    Door For Garage Torrance

    Choosing A Door For Garage

    As a homeowner, your home is a reflection of how you want to live your life. And, the choice of a garage door can go a long way in breathing a refreshing look and feel into your home. And, while you want your garage door to reflect your personal preferences and style, you’ll also want to take into consideration how the investment in a new door will affect the return on investment you get when it’s time to sell your home. To help you make the decision of which garage door is best for you, we’ve put together some items for you to consider.

    • When choosing a garage door and garage door opener for your home, the first thing you want to consider is what style of garage door will work best with your home’s existing style. While some home layouts and designs go well with specific garage door styles, others may not be as appealing to buyers when it comes time to sell. If you need assistance choosing which garage door will work for your home, we can help.
    • Another way your garage door can complement your home is to choose to add windows. There are many different configurations and styles of windows and many are customizable to match the look and feel of your home’s style. From frosted glass to tinted windows and even impact-resistant windows. Garage door windows can benefit your new garage door installation.
    • When it comes to choosing what garage door material is best for your application there are many styles to choose from. From natural wood, faux wood, steel, aluminum, or glass, you’ll want to choose a garage door replace that will stand the test of time and provide a great return on investment.
    • Last but not least, homeowners should consider the cost of the garage door they choose. Garage door costs will depend on many factors, including the choice of material and style, installation requirements, finish, and insulation. But remember, choosing an inexpensive garage door based solely on price may not positively impact the resale value of your home when it’s time to sell.

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    Garage Door Styles

    • Raised carriage house panels are traditional and add character.
    • Lightly textured flush panels complement your home’s exterior.

    • To add depth to your door consider long or short raised panels.

    • Modern glass doors are warm and inviting and give off a natural glow.

    • Classic wood doors are highly customizable and provide optimal ROI.

    • Spanish style doors have a unique and eye-catching architectural style.

    • Faux garage doors are customizable and look like wood doors but are lighter.

    • Steel doors are highly customizable and can be insulated.

    Door For Garage Torrance

    Wood Garage Door Finish

    While the look of real wood doors is great, genuine wood finish doors require refinishing every couple of years. And, if not maintained on a regular basis, you’ll be required to have your wood doors sanded and refinished to get them back to their original zeal. However, wood doors are highly customizable and provide a great return on investment when it’s time to sell your home.

    Long Lasting Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are the coils above your garage door that help your garage door raise and lower slowly and safely. Over time, these springs will begin to wear, and eventually one or both of them will break. Investing in a spring that rated for more cycles, as opposed to a standard torsion spring, will increase their life span. Also, if one of your torsion springs break we suggest that you replace both of them as they have reached or surpassed their safe usage.

    Nylon Garage Door Rollers

    In many applications, the need for quiet garage door operations is paramount. If close to a bedroom or other living space, you may not want to hear the loud opening and closing of a garage door, so choose nylon garage rollers. Nylon rollers, as opposed to steel rollers, will be much quieter.

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      Garage Doors Are Nearly a Century Old

      Wikipedia says that the electric overhead garage door was invented in 1926 by C.G. Johnson. However, electric garage doors did not become popular until the Era Meter Company of Chicago offered one after World War II. And, as the years have passed, more and more innovations have been added to the garage door to give us the modern conveniences we have today. From having the ability to open and close your garage door remotely to wall-mounted garage door openers that give you back your overhead storage space to garage door safety sensors that help keep your family and pets safe during garage door closure, garage doors have advanced leaps and bounds beyond C.G. Johnson’s wildest expectations. And while these advancements are astounding, garage door systems still need maintenance and repair work. So, regardless of where you are in the greater Los Angeles area, G & G Garage Door can help. We provide professional Harbor City Garage Door Repair as well as servicing all of Los Angeles.

      Garage Door Openers

      From quiet operation openers to home-automation system connectivity options to smart-device compatibility and even openers with battery backup systems, garage door openers have advanced to ensure your home is safe and secure. G & G Garage Door Co can help you choose the best opener for your needs.

      Residential Gates

      At G & G Garage Door Co., we are committed to offering our customers a wide range of gate colors, finishes, and architectural designs. Residential gates as well as garage doors can increase the curb appeal of your home while providing privacy and security. Contact G & G Garage for garage door and gate installation.

      Garage Door Maintenance

      When your garage door isn’t working properly, not only is it highly inconvenient, a faulty garage door can be unsafe. We’ve been providing garage door repair and regular maintenance for more than 35 years. Your home is the biggest investment you can make, and you should not take garage door maintenance lightly.