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    Door Garage Opener Options

    If you’re looking for a new door garage opener for your home, the good news is there are many new features available, and there’s a large number of various types of garage door openers on the market, and in all price ranges. While a garage door opener serves the purpose of opening and closing your garage door, there are other features that can greatly increase its functionality.

    There are garage door openers that you can control with your smartphone, like the Liftmaster 85503 which has built-in wifi and is controlled with the myQ App. Standard door opening systems operate by having a motor that drives a trolly which is also known as a carriage. It runs along a rail that where it raises and lowers your door. If you’re looking for a new opener to free up available space, there are also garage door openers that can be wall-mounted, as opposed to being mounted on a ceiling.

    Door Garage Opener Torrance

    How Your Door Garage Opener Works

    As a homeowner, you probably don’t give much thought to your garage door opener, you simply want it to open and close when you push the remote. Well, you’re fortunate to have that kind of functionality because the first garage door openers were simply tracks that run along the ceiling of your garage, and they had to be manually opened and closed by hand. Not too convenient, right? And as homeowners grew tired of being required to get out of their vehicle in the snow or rain, inventors went to work to rig a garage door to open remotely. So as not to be bothered by having to exit a vehicle to open a garage door, a motor was attached to the track and hard-wired to a button outside the garage door. All you would need to do is drive up, roll down your window, and push the button. And, over the years, many more advancements were made in door garage opener technology.

    • Over time, courtesy lights were added to the garage door opener, this enabled the homeowner to see inside an otherwise darkened garage. To further advance the garage door opening system, some bright engineers decided to employ already existing radio remote technology. With a radio signal receiver installed inside the opener and a remote control in your car, the garage door could be made to raise and lower without manual labor. Of course, at the time the cost of installing a remote control for your garage door was quite expensive, but as with most technology, demand and competition drove the price down substantially.
    • Another feature that’s advancing still today is the addition of a wall-mounted button which is now known as a wireless digital keypad for opening the garage door from inside the garage. In addition to the wireless keypad, today’s openers have Wifi connectivity, so that as long as you have a connection to the internet you can operate your garage door from anywhere on the planet. This feature is great for allowing guests to come into your home while you are away, or providing access for package deliveries. The myQ app works with many models of garage door openers available today.

    Garage Door Opener Features

    Quiet Garage Door Openers

    If you have living space that is next to your garage or a bedroom above, then having a garage door opener that was specifically designed to operate with very minimal noise may be a perfect fit for you. The Liftmaster 8550W LED features a belt driven system with a DC motor and has very quiet operation.

    App Operated Openers

    One of the most welcomed opener features on the market today is smart device compatibility. Now, with only an internet connection you can stop the porch pirates from stealing your delivered packages (not available in all areas). This technology also allows you to verify that you actually closed your garage door.

    Space Saving Openers

    Another exciting innovation in garage door technology is the wall mounted garage door opener. Unlike traditional garage door opening systems, wall mounted units allow you to utilize the space above the garage for storage, additional lighting, or you can use your garage as part time recreational space.

    Battery Back-Up Sytem

    In reaction to the numbers of elderly people dying because they couldn’t exit their garage during the wildfire season of 2017, as of 2019, California state law requires that all new garage door installations and all new garage door opener installations come equipped with a battery back-up system in case of a power outage.

    Frequent Opener Problems

    Remote Control Not Working

    One of the most common concerns we hear from homeowners is that the remote for their gate or garage door is not operating as it should. We always suggest that they first change the batteries. If changing the batteries in your remote does not solve the problem, then the issue could have something to do with the opener itself. One call to G & G Garage Door for a garage door opener inspection and we will have your remote and opener working as they should.

    Door Not Staying Shut

    Another complaint we hear is that after the garage door has shut it will automatically open again. The reason for this occurrence can be a couple of things. It might be because there is something obstructing the sensors. This has nothing to do with the opener and is a safety mechanism. Simply ensure there is nothing in the way of the protective sensor eyes. Another common door garage repair issue is one where the door might not stay shut. This is when the system is detecting a hard close and forces the door back open. This could be the result of many things, so it is best to have one of our repair technicians come out and provide an inspection.

    Garage Door Making Loud Noises

    Much like trying to describe strange engine noises to your mechanic over the phone, diagnosing loud popping noises that your garage door makes during operations is very difficult to do without seeing and hearing your garage door in action. Old torsion springs, bent rails, or broken rollers could all be the culprits when it comes to loud noises, so let one of our garage door technicians come out and provide a proper diagnosis, and if you need professional garage door service, we can schedule it right away.

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      Garage Door Opener Systems

      For more than 40 years there have only been three common types of garage door operating systems, chain-driven, belt-driven, and screw-driven. All three use the same trolley system, and over time the many challenges these systems encountered gave rise to two more systems. Only recently have two more types of opening systems been introduced, jackshaft, and direct drive units. Below we talk about the benefits of these three garage door opening systems. For help with your garage door opener installation project, give G & G Garage Door a call.

      Conventional Garage Openers

      The three models of the standard garage door opening systems are chain-driven, belt-driven, and screw-driven. All three operate using by pushing a trolley that opens and closes your garage door. While these various models have some similarities, you may want to read the reviews to determine which model is best for your application.

      Jackshaft Openers

      A jackshaft opener is quite unique, as they operate without a trolley system and mount on your wall, as opposed to the garage ceiling. This system uses a 24 volt DC motor that turns the torsion bar to raise and lower your garage door. This system is not only very quiet but frees up space above your door. These are the most expensive.

      Direct-drive Openers

      Similar in operation to Jackshaft openers, a direct-drive garage door opener does not operate using a trolley. There is only one moving part, the motor and it travels along a chain that does not move which is embedded on an overhead rail. The manufacturer of these openers claims that it is the quietest operating garage door opening system available today.