Fencing for your home or business for added security.

Whether you’re looking for fencing for your home or your business, one of the primary benefits of adding a fence is the peace of mind and increased security fencing can provide. A fence-secured perimeter acts as a physical barrier and helps to deter those without access from entering your property.

Another added benefit is the boundary definition a fence provides. Even if you don’t encompass your entire property with a fence and only put up a short section of fence, it helps to establish property lines that can deter encroachments by neighbors. While some may see this as an affront and unneighborly, clear boundaries help keep the peace and help uninvited visitors from wandering where they don’t belong.

Access control is also a concern for many homeowners and business owners in the Los Angeles area. For businesses, fences can create specifically designated areas for visitors, customers, or vendors, where only authorized personnel are allowed access. For homes, fences can keep children and pets in while keeping unwanted visitors from entering the property.

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    Installing fences provides a range of benefits for either your home or business. These include security, privacy, access control, boundary definition, and beauty. When you install a custom-designed fence, not only does it provide improved functionality and utility, but you can also be assured of improved appearance as well as enhanced value. Shield your property from prying eyes and allow your customers, employees, and family to enjoy their personal space without unnecessary intrusions.

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    Why choose us for your fence and gate needs?

    When it comes to finding a fence installation company in the Los Angeles area, we understand that you may have many options. But before you base your decision solely on price, there are other factors that you might want to consider.

    The reputation of the company is a big one. Does the company have hundreds of five-star reviews or a handful? Does the company have a proven track record of delivering quality work and customer satisfaction, or are their reviews populated with negative reviews?

    Of course, there are other questions you’ll want to ask. Are they properly licensed and insured? Are they responsive to your questions? Do they work on your timetable, and do they stand behind their work, providing service after the installation has been completed?

    Well, at G & G Garage Door, we’ve been installing garage doors, fencing, and gates for more than 35 years. We’re licensed and insured. We have a large staff or experienced installers who gladly communicate the entire process and keep you abreast of their progress. We have a great reputation in the community, which is evident with more than 1000 5-star reviews.

    Lastly, at G & G Garage Door, we stand behind our work and provide after-sales support, including a warranty to ensure your fence and gates remain upright and intact for years to come.

    What To Consider When Installing Perimeter Fence

    Soil Condition

    Fencing Installation Los Angeles

    When installing a perimeter fence, the condition of the surrounding soil can play a significant part and can negatively impact its stability and lifetime. Drainage, unusual soil composition, excessive erosion, and ground shifting are other factors to consider when installing a fence. That’s why we pay special attention to all of these considerations when installing your perimeter fence.

    Regulations & Permits

    Fencing Installation Los Angeles

    Regulations surrounding fence installation are in place to ensure setback requirements and height restrictions are not exceeded. Not adhering to these regulations may lead to legal issues as well as the need for costly remedial modifications down the road. With more than 35 years of experience working in Los Angeles, we can guide you through the process and, in some cases, obtain the permits for you.

    Fence Maintenance

    Fencing Installation Los Angeles

    Depending on the fence material used, the specific maintenance requirements can vary. Wood fences, for example will need periodic painting or staining and metal fence will require rust prevention and regular cleaning. To ensure longevity and that your fence does its job, it’s essential that you keep your fence in good condition. When you educate yourself on the specific requirements your fence will last for decades.

    Benefits of Automatic Gates

    Automatic or electric gates are a terrific addition to your fence, regardless of if it’s for your home or your business. They provide convenience by eliminating the need for you to manually open a gate and offer you the ability to use keypads, remote controls, or even sensors mounted to your vehicle to gain entry. They provide you with enhanced security by controlling who does and doesn’t have access to your property. Installing an electric gate increases the value and curb appeal of your property. They also offer remote monitoring using an app on your phone so you’re notified each time someone has gained entry to your property.

    All in all, automatic gates and perimeter fences provide you with many benefits, including convenience, improved property value, options for customization, traffic control, access control, and additional security. So, when you’ve made up your mind that you want these benefits give G & G Garage Door a call. We’ve been installing garage doors, fences, and gates for more than 35 years, and our work is guaranteed.

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    • Enhanced Security

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