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If you’re living in Carson, California, and are thinking about adding a fence to your property, you’ve landed at the right place. While G & G Garage Door has been installing and repairing garage doors for more than 35 years, you may not know that we’re also in the fencing business.

Yes, you heard that right. We install gates, fences, and railing of all types, sizes, and materials. Now the garage door company you’ve come to know and trust is fully committed to installing and repairing automatic gates, security fences, vinyl fences, as well as wrought iron fences and wooden fences.

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence about installing a new fence, give G & G Garage Door a call, and we’ll come out and look at your property and provide you with some great options for making your property more secure. Of course, people install fences and railings for various reasons.

So, if you simply want to spruce up your property and give it a little curb appeal with a wonderfully ornate gate, we can help with that too.

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    Carson Fencing, Gates, And Railing!

    In Los Angeles, people build fences for a variety of reasons. Most have a fence installed because they want privacy. Others are more concerned with the security aspect. And while animals aren’t a huge concern in Carson, a sturdy fence will help keep animals from coming onto your property. If you’re looking for a fence to delineate your property lines, we have great options to choose from. Fences may seem like a simple structure to install, but there are many things to consider before taking on the project. Contact G & G Garage Door for fence installation.

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    Why choose us to install fences, gates, and railing?

    We understand that places like Lowes and Home Depot offer fence installation services. And we know that these places also sell fencing material. But we also know that they don’t provide as many options, and the contractor is hand-picked and is working for the big box store company first and you second.

    Plus, we help you determine the best fence for your needs. Because the main thing you need to consider when installing a fence is why you need it in the first place. Why is this important?

    Say your goal is to keep people from wandering onto your property. If you simply put up a three-foot tall rail around the perimeter of your yard, people could step right over it. While shorter fences delineate property lines and somewhat deter trespassers, taller, more opaque fencing works to prohibit access.

    Lastly, we believe we’re the best choice for fence installation because we understand and abide by all the rules and ordinances here in Carson, California. We understand community height, design, and placement restrictions, as well as setback requirements.

    So, when you need gates, fences, railing, or garage doors installed, contact the company that will ensure your property is safe and secure, G & G Garage Door.

    What to consider when installing fence

    Types of Fence

    Carson Fencing

    Fences come in many types. You can have a see-through fence, one that’s completely opaque, or something in between. While some fence materials lend themselves to use in specific designs, your choices still vary. Wood offers the most flexibility regarding design and function. Including wood panels, picket fences, and even rustic boundary fences and gates.

    Consider Your Neighbors

    Carson Fencing

    When you decide to put up a fence, we suggest that you consult your neighbors first. While you can put up a fence that’s within community guidelines on your property, you may obstruct their view or cut off an access route that’s convenient for them. Of course, your new fence might just be beneficial to your neighbor. A friendly heads-up will work wonders.

    Lay of the Land

    Carson Fencing

    If the area where you want the fence installed is uneven, you might be concerned that pets and animals might be able to slip under the fence once it’s installed. The fencing industry has solved this problem with what’s called rackable panels. A rackable fence follows the contour of the land, whereas traditional fence panels leave a gap due to stair stepping.

    Choosing the right fence for your needs

    Now that you have an idea of what your needs are and things you’ll want to consider let’s talk about choosing the right fence for you. If you’re installing a fence on a sloped yard, it might seem a little difficult for a DIYer. You’ll need not only a good strategy but also the right type of fencing material. If you don’t mind a stair-stepped look, a traditional panel fence will work for a sloped yard. However, if you want to incorporate a degree of erosion control or you want to keep in pets and keep out wild animals, then a racked fence is what you’re looking for. A racked fence follows the contour of the land and doesn’t have any gaps. The fence posts of a racked fence are mounted to the top and bottom rails, slightly lower than the post ahead of it. Whereas a straight fence will leave a gap at the bottom if not stair-stepped. Wood fences, such as post-and-rail, work well for sloped areas of your landscaping. There’s also chain-link fence, vinyl fence, Bamboo, and wrought-iron fence. Contact G & G Garage for fences, rails, gates, and of course, garage doors.

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