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    Garage Door Install Los Angeles

    There are many reasons for considering having a new garage door installed. Whether for home or office, garage doors may begin to fall into disrepair and may even become unsafe. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits a new door for your garage offers, there are other considerations you may not be aware of.

    A double car garage door can weigh as much as 450 pounds and an older garage door opener may have a difficult time raising and lowering your door. This extra effort by the garage door opener may result in extensive wear and tear on the garage door motor, springs, and other hardware. In a “worst-case-scenario,” your opener may fail and your garage door could fall. Depending on when this happens, the safety of your family may be at risk.

    If your garage door is old, or you are simply thinking about upgrading to a modern steel garage door, we suggest that you call G & G Garage Door to provide you a 21 Point Inspection, and a free no-obligation overhead garage door install quote.

    Garage Door Install Los Angeles

    Planning Your Garage Door Install

    When it comes to entering and exiting your home, most people do so through their garage door. This is why single and double garage doors can sustain considerable wear and tear over time. And, depending on your experience as a handyman or maybe even a garage door installation expert, planning your garage door installation services may be akin to attempting heart surgery without ever studying medicine. Rather than concerning yourself with all of the details that go into the actual removal and installation of your garage door, we suggest that you leave that to us. Instead, consider all of the options that go into having a new garage door installed. Take a look at the options below.

    • Garage Door Styles: Carriage House Panels add character to a traditional raised panel garage door, while flush panels are flat and slightly textured, which may aid in complementing your home without detracting from it. Of course, there are long raised panels that provide depth to an otherwise boring garage door. While short raised panels can add style to older homes with intricate design. And the type of door you choose makes a difference as well. While Steel garage doors are great for insulating your garage, glass doors add a more modern look to your home.
    • Garage Door Opener Options: A garage door opener that operates on a chain-drive is a good choice if money is an issue. However, they pale in comparison to belt-driven openers and direct-drive openers if your garage door is located near a sleeping space. Another garage door opener option is a wall mount garage door opener. Rather than taking up overhead space like a traditional garage door opener, wall mount openers allow you to utilize the space above the garage door for additional storage, if necessary.
    • Smart Garage Door Opener: Did you know that technology now lets you open and close your garage door from an app on your phone? Yes, it’s true. Not only does this allow you to let in friends and family into your home when you are absent, but it also comes in handy if you are having a package delivered (where available through Amazon). As an added benefit, if you’re unsure whether or not you closed your garage door after you left home, your app will tell you if the garage door is open or closed. How cool is that?

    Premium Garage Door Install Options!

    Replacement Garage Doors Los Angeles

    If your garage door is older than 20 years, as many are here in the Greater Los Angeles area, you should seriously consider replacing it with one of the new garage door systems offered by G & G Garage Doors.

    A new replacement garage door is safer, easier to operate, and, depending on the garage door options you choose, can come with many convenient benefits that older less efficient garage doors don’t have.

    At G & G Garage Doors, we understand that a garage door isn’t something you buy often. And, when the times comes, you probably have many questions.

    That’s why when you schedule a free no-obligation garage door consultation, we take the time to present you with all of the options and benefits available in today’s garage door systems.

    Garage Door Install Los Angeles

    How much to install a garage door?

    The question most often asked by homeowners is, how much does it cost to install a garage door? Well, every home is different, and depending on whether you are looking to accentuate the curb appeal of a home that has a classic look or a newer, contemporary style, your garage door price will vary. During our no-obligation consultation, we will layout the various types of garage doors and provide you with options. The cost of a new garage door will be dependent on which options and style of garage door you choose. Of course, removal of the old garage door and any custom installation required will also affect the price of your garage door.

    Types of garage doors

    Steel garage doors offer the widest range of price options, as you can choose from an inexpensive level non-insulated garage door or a premium insulated steel garage door. Wood garage doors are more expensive but have a very distinct and authentic look. Of course, wood garage doors require more maintenance but also allow for custom designs as they come in various types of woods.

    One of the great features of aluminum garage doors is the fact that they are resistant to rust. This makes them an ideal candidate for homes located in humid areas.

    Modern glass doors are also ideal for almost any type of home, as they accentuate the beauty of the home while creating an appearance of classic elegance.

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      What you need to know about buying a new garage door

      There are some fallacies that many homeowners believe about buying a new garage door. For example, many people believe that the cost of a new garage door is separate from the cost of installation. The truth is, most reputable garage door installation companies will include the cost of both the door, the opener, the hardware, as well as the installation of the new garage door. What isn’t included in these costs are the ongoing repair and servicing of your garage doors. Contact us for all your garage door repair and installation needs.

      Curb Appeal

      Did you know that installing a replacement garage door or new driveway gates is a couple of the most important things you can do to improve the value of your home? Yes, it’s true. With the perfect garage door for your home, you can increase curb appeal and increase the value of your home if you later want to sell.

      Save Energy

      Garage doors have never been as energy-efficient as they are today. With a properly insulated garage door, you can save money on your utility bills. With a new garage door opener and a properly weighted garage door, you can save money each time the door is raised and lowered.

      Home Security

      Many people do not carry a key to the entry door of their home. And being stuck outside your home, and unable to get inside, can be a security risk. To avoid this, you should consider having our 21 Point Inspection to ensure that your garage door is operating as it should.