Garage Door Installation

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    Glass Garage Door Installation

    Modern glass garage door installation can provide your home with a more modern look and feel and will aid in increasing curb appeal. They are the perfect complement to either a modern or traditional home. Steel garage doors and Coachman garage doors offer similar charm and options.

    Regardless of the type of garage door you choose to have installed, once you’ve made your decision, one of our garage door specialists will perform an inspection to confirm the size of the door and other needs specific to your home.

    Insulated glass panels are the perfect fit for homeowners who are seeking increased energy efficiency while ensuring that light and open feel that many are looking for. Contact us today for a free no-obligation estimate for a new garage door install Los Angeles.

    Garage Door Installation Carson

    Garage Door Installation Considerations

    There are many reasons for choosing to have a new garage door installed in your home or office. One reason to have a new garage door installed in your home may be to increase the value when you are ready to sell your home. Of course, you may simply choose to upgrade to a new style of garage door or garage door opener so that you can better enjoy your home.

    • In many cases, we’ve seen that the biggest reason homeowners choose a new door installation is because their old garage door has fallen into disrepair. Weak or inoperable components of your garage door system can further exacerbate the problems with an old garage door.
    • One way to avoid the expense of installing a new garage door is to have your doors serviced at regular intervals. Regular garage door maintenance, which includes our 21 point garage door inspection process, will ensure that your new garage doors will last for decades to come.
    • When it comes to installing garage doors and garage door openers, G & G Door has a very competent team of garage door experts who are committed to ensuring your garage door install goes off without a hitch.
    • Unlike the national hardware store chains that send contractors out to install their garage doors, we employ a workforce of trained professionals who are accountable to you, the homeowner. This ensures that you receive the best door for garage and the greatest possible service available in the Los Angeles area.

    Are You Ready For A New Garage Door?

    New Garage Door Install Concerns

    • Removal and disposal of old garage door and hardware.

    • Removal and replacement of door opener wall switch.

    • Ensuring that the garage door sensor is operating properly.

    • Providing the homeowner with information concerning garage door functions and App usage.

    • Resizing the garage door opening when necessary.

    • Hardware replacement including hinges, handles, rails, springs and more.

    • Garage door customizations, such as windows, trim, panels, and various styles.

    • Rerouting or moving electrical wiring and components.

    • Remodeling, including involving an architect in the install.

    Garage Door Installation Carson

    Installing a Steel Garage Door

    Did you know that steel garage doors have the widest range of options available when it comes to door color, and insulation? Yes it’s true. Steel garage doors are more energy-efficient than aluminum and wood doors. So, if you’re looking for a sturdy and efficient addition to your garage, consider having G & G Garage Door install a steel garage door in your home.

    Garage Doors With Windows

    Why install a ho-hum garage door in your Los Angeles home when you can have a door that allows light into your garage with special made glass windows? Whether you want frosted, textured, or tinted glass windows, we can mix and match garage door designs to get your home the unique garage door that works for your individual taste.

    Wooden Door Installation

    When it comes to installing a wood garage door, they are unique because wood garage doors can be custom created to work with any style of home. But, don’t let the word “custom” fool you. There are various price points that can fit into almost any budget. The best thing about wood doors is the fact that they are full of character and detail, and they won’t dent. Of course, any garage door install would not be complete without the right door garage opener for your needs. So, call G & G Garage Door today for a garage door system you’re sure to love.

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      Installation Costs For Your Garage Doors

      The average cost for new garage door installation in the Los Angeles area is $1138.00. With the typical range running between $797.00 to $1487.00. Typically the low-end cost of installing a new garage door is $415.00 and the high-end cost is around $2255.00. Depending on what’s required to remove and replace your garage door plus any custom features and accessories, or the type of opener you choose for your garage, your new garage door install costs may vary.

      Steel Garage Doors

      The modern steel collection is one of our most coveted garage doors in the Los Angeles area. It instantly boosts curb appeal for mid-century and contemporary homes. With the various styles of door panels and window options, steel doors are hightly customizable.

      Coachman Garage Doors

      At G & G Garage Door we love the Coachman collection of garage doors. The carriage style garage doors combine beauty and practicality to add value to your home. Similar to a wood door, Coachman doors are actually insulated and can be customized to fit all types of homes.

      Faux Garage Doors

      To achieve the look and feel of classic wooden garage doors without the weight of a wood door, you might want to consider a faux wood garage door. This type of garage door is highly appealing and can help accentuate your home without costing too much. Call us today.