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Garage Door Installers

Your garage door is an accessible entry point into your residence, it helps to ensure that you and your family remain safe and secure inside your home. Your garage door is also the largest moving component in your home and can become compromised and not work as it should if not installed properly. That’s why your garage doors should only be installed by properly trained and experienced garage door installers. When we install garage doors you can rest assured that the job will be done professionally.

Our professional garage door installation teams have seen every type of garage door installation challenge imaginable. From replacing broken torsion springs, damaged tracks, rollers, and door panels, to repairing broken hinges, garage door openers, and faulty photo eyes. Yes, we’ve seen it all and have the experience to handle whatever garage door installation and repair challenges you may come across. So, whether you’re just at the information-gathering stage and need some valuable input, or you’re ready to up your home’s curb appeal with a new garage door install, G & G Garage Door is ready to help. Contact us for a free on-site consultation.

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    Questions For Garage Door Installers

    How much should a new garage door cost installed?

    While the cost of garage door installation can vary depending on many factors, the average garage door installation ranges somewhere between $900 to $2100. While it’s good to have an idea of the costs before you move forward, to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your garage doors, we like to price each job individually. As materials, availability, and labor costs increase it becomes extremely difficult to provide accurate pricing without providing an in-home estimate. We’ll need to take a look at the opening of your garage and note any issues that are particular to your property. Then, we’ll listen to your questions and concerns to learn if you have any custom garage door requests. With all of this information provided we should be able to provide an accurate garage door installation estimate. Schedule your garage door estimate today.

    Garage Door Installers

    Can you install garage doors yourself?

    While an adept do-it-yourselfer can install their own garage doors, we suggest you consider the extent and scope of the work that goes into installing it yourself; well before you decide to pull the trigger. You’ll need to not only purchase the tools required but you’ll also need to know how to use them accurately. These tools include a drill, safety glasses, level, pliers, wrench sets, hammer, and a couple of 1/2 inch diameter rods. You’ll need to have the garage doors delivered. You’ll need to disassemble and dispose of the existing garage doors. And, you’ll need to set aside at least an entire day to complete the work. Rather than installing your own garage door, we suggest that you contact us for a free consultation.

    Can you install a new garage door on old tracks?

    If you’re thinking about using your old garage door tracks instead of new tracks for your new garage door, there are many things to consider. First, you might believe that reusing old tracks will save you money. Well, while you may save a little money with your new garage door installation by using the old tracks, it can eventually cost you more in the long run. If you’re installing a different brand of door it may not be compatible with your existing tracks. The weight of your new door compared to the previous garage door may be considerably more and can cause your garage door tracks to become defective over time. If this is the case, you’ll need to have your garage door removed and your tracks replaced, costing you more than if you had simply replaced your tracks with the new install. To ensure you are 100% happy with your new install, we suggest that you replace the entire garage door opening system.

    G & G Garage Door Provides Garage Door Services

    Expert Advice & Consultation

    When you call G & G Garage Door for help, you’ll speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives who will listen to your concerns and discuss the garage door options available. We’ll then schedule a time for one of our senior technicians to come to your home for a free onsite consultation.

    Custom Designed Doors

    If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home with a custom designed garage door, look no further than the garage door designers at G & G Garage Door. Our highly skilled design team will work with you and your architect to create a customized fit door that will ensure an aesthetically pleasing wood garage door.

    Durable Garage Doors

    While you’ll want a gorgeous garage door to complement the look of your home and increase curb appeal, you should also be aware that not all garage doors are manufactured the same. Some garage door frames allow the doors to sag over time, but with G & G Garage, we ensure your doors can endure the harshest conditions.

    Professional Door Installers

    Once most of the decisions are made concerning the custom build of your garage door, we’ll send out one of our experienced two-man teams to install your garage door professionally. Once installed, they meticulously check all of the bolts, tracks, rollers, and opener eyes to ensure they function as they should.

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      Can you reuse a broken garage door spring?

      In a word, no. Garage door torsion springs are rated for an average number of cycles, usually 10,000. Once the torsion spring has passed its useful life, as evidenced by a break, it must be replaced with a new torsion spring. With a shortened spring, you will lose a significant portion of your lifting power and the door will be off-balance, resulting in more damage to your entire garage door system. Do not attempt to remove or replace a broken torsion spring yourself, as doing so can result in injury and possible death because torsion springs are under tremendous pressure.

      Can a bent garage door be fixed?

      If you have children who play basketball in your driveway, you understand that it doesn’t take much to have a dented or bent garage door panel. The good news is, depending on your garage door material you may be able to fix the dent yourself. A dent in an aluminum garage door can sometimes be fixed with a broad piece of lumber and a rubber mallet. If hammering out the dent is not an option you could contact us for a replacement panel. If you sustain damage to your wooden garage door you may be able to fix it with wood filler, which would require the application of stain or paint to match the rest of the door. If you have any questions about garage door repairs or installation contact G & G Garage Door for help.

      Are you ready for a custom designed garage door?

      Whether you need a new garage door installed or your garage door system is in need of repair, you can’t go wrong choosing G & G Garage Doors to do the work. Our trained garage door technicians can silence noisy garage doors, provide a 21 point inspection, replace your garage door opener, and troubleshoot any other issues you may have with your garage doors. G & G Garage Doors has been helping homeowners and business owners in the Los Angeles area for more than 35 years. We help you ensure that your property is safe and secure by installing durable and dependable garage doors, automatic entry gates, and side entry doors. Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.