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Do you own a home in or around Carson, California, that is in need of garage door repair, garage door maintenance, or replacement?

Are you looking for a qualified garage door installation company to provide necessary repairs or maintenance services to your garage doors?

If you found yourself nodding your head and answering yes to either of the previous questions, you’ve come to the right place. Because G & G Garage Door provides the best quality garage door installation and repair services in Carson, California. In most instances, garage doors need repairs due to a lack of regular attention to their service needs. Garage doors need regular maintenance to continue working optimally. And while we receive calls from homeowners who are very proactive at taking care of their garage doors, only calling because of a little mishap, many people call because their garage doors have failed altogether.

Whatever your garage door repair needs, G & G Garage Door is available to help get your doors back on track. From replacing a garage door opener and garage door panels to installing automatic electric gates, we are the garage door company to call.

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    One of the most common complaints that homeowners encounter with their garage doors is a door that’s stuck in the open position. Of course, garage door specialists understand that the cause of a stuck open garage door may be as simple as a blocked photo eye sensor or as serious as a garage door track coming apart. If your garage door won’t lower, the first thing to try is clearing any debris that might be in front of the photo sensor eye. If that doesn’t do the trick, contact G & G Garage Door, and we’ll quickly provide a solution to your garage door repair needs.

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    Why Choose A Garage Door Specialist?

    There are many companies in the Los Angeles area that provide garage door installation, repair, and maintenance while also providing a variety of other construction and home repair services. And while some of these companies have the ability to provide quality service, they aren’t singularly focused on garage door repairs and installation.

    At G & G Garage, garage doors are all we do. We believe that focusing on only providing garage door installation, repair, and maintenance has been the main catalyst to our tremendous success. Over the last 35 years, we’ve seen all types of companies come and go while we’ve been focused on providing the residents of Carson, California, with quality garage door service and repairs.

    The choice is yours. Are you looking for a construction company that installs windows, gutters, siding, and everything else related to home repair – that also installs garage doors? Or would you prefer a company that specializes in garage door installation, repair, and service?

    You wouldn’t trust repairs on an antique, diamond-encrusted watch to the girl behind the jewelry counter at Walmart. So why would you trust the largest moving part of the biggest investment in your life to a company that doesn’t take it seriously enough to specialize in garage door repair?

    Does My Garage Door Need Repairs?

    Garage Door Rollers

    Carson Garage Door Repair

    A subtle sign that your garage doors need attention is popping or squeaking sounds when your garage door raise and lower. These sounds indicate that there may be a problem with your rollers or other hardware components. While lubricating your tracks and rollers is necessary, garage door rollers wear considerably over time and will need to be replaced.

    Garage Door Opener

    Carson Garage Door Repair

    As with the rising and setting of the sun, we expect our garage door opener to continue operating in perpetuity. Unfortunately, garage door openers can experience problems just like every other component of your garage door. Dead remote batteries, transmitter issues, or faulty electrical connections may be to blame. Contact G & G Garage for garage door opener service.

    Garage Door Torsion Spring

    Carson Garage Door Repair

    Your garage door system incorporates the use of springs to move the doors up and down. If the torsion spring breaks, which sounds like a loud pop, then your garage door will not move on its own. In most instances, you can still manually lift the garage door to get in or out. But you’ll need a qualified garage door technician to replace your torsion spring for you, as doing it yourself is dangerous.

    When is it Time to Replace your Garage Doors?

    If you’ve been in your home in Carson for a while now and your garage doors have been there longer than you, it may be time to consider replacing your garage doors. The life span of a garage door can be as long as thirty years. Of course, a variety of factors can greatly decrease the life of your garage doors. So, if you’ve decided that you and your garage doors have had a good run, but you want them to be as functional as they are aesthetic, it’s time to make a move. Your garage door needs to look good and give your home curb appeal, but it must also allow you to feel secure in your property. You’ll know that your garage doors are beginning to fail when you hear strange noises and pops every time you open and close them. Other signs include noticing that your garage doors shake violently while opening and closing. Of course, the easiest tell-tale sign that your garage doors need to be replaced is having one twist on its tracks and failing to close properly. If you experience any of these garage door issues, it’s time to replace your garage doors. Contact G & G Garage for all your garage door repair and replacement needs.

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