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Garage Door Sealing

Because the average two-car garage takes up a large portion of your home’s footprint, it only makes sense to ensure that it isn’t being invaded by bugs, pests, and other rodents. But the use of insecticides and pesticides is not good for the inhabitants of your home. Rather than fighting the problem using dangerous chemicals on a regular basis, you may want to look at the sealing around your garage door. The job of your garage door bottom rubber seal is to not only provide protection from invading creatures but also to protect your home from the extremes of weather. And, while the weather in Los Angeles is very nice the majority of the time, it’s during those times of extreme weather conditions that you’ll be happy that your garage door is completely sealed up tight as a drum.

There are many ways that we address garage door sealing including bottom rubber sealing, top and side garage door weatherstripping, and a rigid vinyl reverse angle jamb seal. We use PVC stop molding that is nailed to the outside frame of your garage door opening and when the door closes the stop molding presses firmly against the door to provide an air-tight seal on the sides and top of your garage door. Contact us for more information about the services we provide to ensure your garage remains free of invading pests.

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    Bottom Garage Door Sealing

    If you’re in the process of sealing up your garage door from the outside elements one of the first things you should be concerned with is the garage door bottom seal. One way to determine if you need a new bottom seal is to simply take a look at your existing bottom seal. Is the seal rotted or rusty? Does it have damage from scraping against rocks or other debris? If so, contact us to come out and install a new weather-tight seal.

    Weather sealing a garage door is not difficult, but it does take attention to detail. The garage door bottom seal, which is sometimes referred to as a “door sweep,” is a strip of rubber or durable vinyl that runs the entire horizontal length of your garage door. When the door is closed the bottom seal collapses or compresses to the surface of the garage floor. The bottom seal is intended to keep water, dirt, and bugs from entering your garage door. However, if you see light coming in from the outside, that is an indication that your garage door is not sealed from the elements. Which may indicate that your garage door needs to be adjusted. Contact us to help you with your garage door sealing needs.

    Garage Door Sealing Torrance CA

    Garage Door Threshold Seal & Weatherstripping

    Have you ever walked into your garage and noticed water, dirt, or rodent droppings and wondered how they got there? Well, the most likely answer is that they’re there because there’s a problem with one or more of your garage door seals. Because it’s important that you keep your garage protected from damaging elements like driving rain, wind, and rodents seeking solace from predators, we suggest that you have us check your garage door weatherstripping and threshold seal. A garage door threshold seal works in conjunction with the bottom seal that’s attached to your garage door. A threshold seal attaches to the floor of your garage via concrete screws or industrial use glue. Threshold seals are installed to keep out rainwater when a driveway slopes down toward the garage door. But, they can also be helpful in sealing an annoying gap left by a garage door bottom seal.

    Because wind, bugs, and rain can also find their way into your garage through the sides and top of your garage doors, weatherstripping in these areas is a good idea. Weatherstripping for garage doors consists of rubber or vinyl and is attached to the stop molding that’s attached to the garage door jamb. Weatherstripping comes in rolls and we can install it in less than a few hours. This should ensure that your garage door remains high and dry, out of the elements, and that your home remains rodent-free.

    In short, it’s important to seal your garage doors all the way around, because a properly sealed garage door helps to keep out unwanted guests, weather, and will help your garage retain heat in the winter months and cold during the extremes of Summer. And, as an added bonus, a garage that maintains the same regulated temperature helps adjacent rooms in your home maintain their regulated temperatures better, therefore saving you money in the long run.

    Why Replace Your Garage Door Seals?

    Garage Door Bottom Seals

    For most garage doors, the common type of weatherstripping used is one that is attached to the bottom of the garage door. A steel, aluminum, or PVC retainer is attached to the bottom of the garage door and the bottom seal, witch is made up of rubber is slid into the retainer providing a barrier against the elements.

    Garage Door Threshold Seal

    A garage door threshold seals works with the bottom seal to provide protection from all intrusions. Threshold seals usually are made up of flexible PVC, rubber, or aluminum and are attached to the floor of your garage with adhesives and/or concrete screws. Upon closing the door, threshold stripping will ensure a tight closure.

    Garage Door Seals Save Money

    One of the biggest benefits of ensuring a tight seal on your garage doors is the cost savings you may realize. Did you know that a slight gap on the side or at the bottom of your garage door can potentially cost you hundreds of dollars every year? Save your money and contact G & G Garage Door for a 21 point garage door inspection.

    Cut Down On The Noise

    If you live in a busy neighborhood or on a bustling city street noise from outside can easily find its way into the living area of your home via small gaps in your garage door seals. The simplest way to cut down on these distractions is to have G & G Garage Door replace your existing garage door sealing with news seals.

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      Insulated Garage Doors

      While ensuring that your garage door is sealed properly, one thing that many people overlook when seeking to cut down on outside noise from getting inside their home is insulating their garage doors. Insulating your garage door will not only aid in saving money on heating costs, but also makes your garage much quieter. And, when there’s less noise getting into your garage, there’s less noise getting into other areas of your home. Depending on the type of garage door you choose, there are a variety of ways to insulate it. You could go with foam board insulation, which is done by using grid panels made from polystyrene. But there’s also batt insulation and reflective insulation, the latter is especially effective for insulating against the heat.

      Replace The Weatherstripping

      If you’re like most homeowners you probably don’t pay that much attention to the operation of your garage door unless something goes wrong with it. While it may be cumbersome at times, we suggest that you regularly inspect your garage door for minor issues. Look and listen to your garage door as it opens and closes. One thing that’s an easy fix and easily noticeable is tattered and worn-out weatherstripping. If the rubber weather seal that’s attached to the bottom of your garage door is brittle or cracked, contact us to replace it so that you don’t encounter pests inside your garage. Ensuring that your garage is properly sealed against the elements is one of the easiest ways to increase the useful life of your garage doors.

      Choosing The Right Garage Doors For Your Home

      When deciding what type of garage doors will be best for your home, there are two basic considerations all homeowners must be aware of. The first is the architectural style of your home and the second is determining the need for insulation based on your garage’s location relative to other areas of your home. So, for example, if you have a carriage house style home you’ll want to choose a garage door that is reminiscent of a countryside home, or one that has a rustic look. If your home is of the contemporary style, you’ll most likely lean toward garage doors that have straight lines, plain windows, and a more minimalist look. With regard to your insulation needs, you’ll want to determine if there is any excess noise coming into your home through the garage. Many homeowners have become accustomed to outside noise seeping into their homes and may not even realize that an insulated garage door can significantly reduce it. New garage door, garage door maintenance, and we even repair garage doors quickly, whatever your needs are, you have a friendly team of garage door specialists awaiting your call. Contact G & G Garage Door for a free onsite garage door consultation.