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    Automatic Gate Repair

    A new automatic gate has the ability to not only increase the security of your home or business but can also improve the look of your property, therefore increasing its value. But with so many models and types of gates available today, choosing what type of gate as well as the operation of the automatic gate can be a daunting task.

    Then there’s the consideration of the cost of maintaining your gate as well as gate repair. With continual use, automated gates can take a beating, and repairing an automatic gate can include myriad things that manual gates simply don’t need to be serviced. From stuck rollers, problems with sensors, or even jammed or frozen gears, there are many parts of your automatic gate that may need to be repaired and maintained by professional garage door and gate technicians.

    In order to better serve you, we suggest that you either call us or use the contact form above to schedule a no-obligation in-home gate consultation. We’ll provide various styles and materials for you to consider as well as the gate automation options available for each.

    Gate Repair Service Torrance

    Driveway Gate Repair and Maintenance

    If you currently have a driveway gate and are having difficulty with it, you might want to consider giving us a call for a gate checkup. While automatic gates provide security and add curb appeal, if the power goes out and you don’t have a battery backup for your electric gate, you may be stuck inside or outside your home until the power is restored. If your driveway gate is dragging, jerks like a bucking bronco, or has simply stopped working, there are many things to consider. The first thing you can check on your own is if the batteries in your car remote are dead. Another problem you may encounter with your driveway gate is the chain may have become loose, causing your door to not open far enough. Below are some other issues you may encounter with an automatic driveway gate. To avoid lost time and to ensure that your gate lasts as long as possible, we suggest that you have your gate inspected and maintained at least once every six months. Additionally, if you notice any issues with your gate, including louder than usual operation, jerking when opening or closing, or an unusual decrease or increase in the speed of operation, call us immediately for emergency gate repair.

    • Electrical Sliding Gate Repair: Also called cantilevered gates, an electric sliding gate is a great choice if space is limited or your driveway is on a steep hill. These gates slide on a track so that you don’t need to level the ground as you would for a swinging gate. Automatic sliding gates were once exclusively used in commercial applications only are now used by thousands of homeowners across the Los Angeles area. And, as with anything that contains moving parts, things can go wrong with your sliding gate if it is not properly maintained. If your gate is particularly heavy or if it is opened and closed many times throughout the course of each day, you may experience excessive wear and may need us to come more often than the once every 6-month prescription.
    • Swing Gate Repair: While automatic swing gates are the most common type of automatic gate available, this distinction does not mean that they aren’t prone to falling into disrepair. Gate panels can be damaged and may need replacement if you accidentally hit the gate with your car. Children on bicycles running into the gate, bikes, and basketballs are other common reasons swing gates may need to be repaired. As far as regular maintenance goes, lubrication of the components is critical to continuous gate operation.
    • Vertical Pivot Lift Gate: These gates pivot 90 degrees into the air to allow you to pass through and then pivot back in place when closed. These gates are a great choice when space is limited on both sides of your property, such as in urban areas with very little room between homes. These gates and fencing can also work well in areas where snow and ice may accumulate and not allow a sliding gate to move on its slider. As with the other kinds of automatic gates mentioned, lift gates will need regular maintenance as the motorized controls that lift your gate must work against the force of gravity to lift the gate up and out of the way.

    From motorized gate openers that include slide gates and swing gates, as well as motorized overhead gates, G & G Garage Door has the technicians to repair and maintain any type of driveway gate system.

    Residential And Commercial Gates

    Manual Gates

    If you’re considering adding a gate to your property but are concerned that the cost of an automatic gate might be too much, consider installing a custom built manual entry gate. These gates can dramatically increase the look of your home while providing your with additional security and peace of mind.

    Swing Gates

    Swing gates come in various shapes and sizes and can be customized to your needs. They’re available in either single panel or double panel options and open inwards or outwards. Call G & G Garage Door today to schedule an appointment and allow us to show you how good your home will look after installing a swing gate.

    Commercial Sliding Gate

    Whether you are looking for a way to control access to your business, factory, or other commercial operation, you can’t go wrong choosing a high quality commercial sliding gate. We provide a wide range of options to choose from. With strong, smooth and reliable operation, your property will remain secure.

    Residential Entry Gate

    Residential entry gates come in many different styles, colors and materials. A wooden or wrought iron gate can offer rustic charm to your entry, while a steel gate can provide a sleek more modern look. Whatever entry gate you choose for your home, let G & G Garage Door provide gate installation and gate maintenance services.

    Sliding Gate Repair Service

    From motorized gates to electric gates, we service and repair all types of automatic driveway gates. With the continual operation, your automated gate and its many moving parts can take a beating. With prolonged gate operation, improper maintenance can cause your gate to stop functioning and can even cause damage to your driveway or other components of your gate system. Ensure your investment does not fall into disrepair, call on us to take a look at your sliding driveway gate.

    Maintaining Your Gate

    While an automatic gate is considered a good investment in your property, there are some things you will need to consider if you want to ensure that it operates efficiently and lasts as long as possible. One recommendation is that you keep all of the moving parts of your gate lubricated. We suggest that you hire us to service and maintain your gate on a biannual basis.

    Also, you’ll want to ensure that your battery backup system has an ample supply of fresh batteries. In California, you never know when the power is going to be temporarily disrupted and you don’t want to be left stranded.

    Lastly, regardless of whether you have an automatic swing gate or slide gate, you’ll want to keep the area where the gate moves when opening and closing clear of all obstructions. If a tree limb or trash can were to be in the way of the regular operation of your automatic gate, there may be damage to the opener, gate, and other property. Call on G & G Garage Door for repairs for garage doors, openers, and gates.

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      Why We Suggest You Install An Automatic Gate

      What many homeowners imagine when they think about a residential automated gate is something out of the Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous. A winding tree-lined driveway leading up to a lavish mansion sitting atop a hill and a seeing golden gate that obstructs the view of the property. But, the reality is automatic gates are not only for the rich and famous. In fact, many gates available today are very reasonably priced. So, whether you own a home at the end of a lavish tree-lined drive or a rural home, an automated gate might be right for you. Below are some of the advantages of installing an automated gate.

      Increased Security

      One of the best reasons for installing an automatic gate is security. When you have the ability to control who enters your property and when you reduce the risk of someone committing vandalism to your property, or theft of your belongings. Some homeowners even have a home security company that monitors their property and will alert the authorities if there is an unauthorized breach of your gate.

      Gates Provide Privacy

      Besides the obvious additional security an automatic gate provides, you also gain security with a gate. If the entrance to your property were to remain open, passersby could easily see what type of vehicle your drive and the other personal property at your home. With an opaque automated privacy gate, you can evade prying eyes and enjoy your home and your family with peace of mind. Gates keep families safe.

      Gates Provide Safety

      Another advantage of installing an automated gate is the protection it offers your pets and children. Young children are curious and can stray out of your property and end up in a busy residential street. Without a leash, dogs tend to go wherever their noses take them. To avoid harm to your children and pets while keeping your family safe and secure, consider installing a residential automatic gate.