Gates Improve Curb Appeal and Security For Your Home

Do you own a home in the Los Angeles area that could benefit from a new gate? At G & G Garage Door, not only do we specialize in garage door installation and repair, but we also install and upgrade gates.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, you can quickly improve curb appeal by installing a security gate. Maybe you have an existing gate that needs to be replaced, and you’re looking for a company that specializes in gate installation. Well, you’ve come to the right place, as G & G Garage Door now install gates and railing. We also offer gate automation and gate repair, as well as perimeter fencing.

When you call us for gate installation, not only will you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your gate will be built with the best functionality and security in mind, but it will also be designed and installed in a way that will enhance the beauty of your home and property.

So, whether you’re looking for driveway gates for security, iron gates and rails for prestige, wooden gates for their beauty, or any other steel or aluminum gates, G & G Garage Door can help. Call us or fill out the form, and we’ll schedule an appointment to give you ideas on how we can greatly improve the security and curb appeal of your home.

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    Gates for Aesthetics, Security and Privacy!

    • Steel Gates

    • Bi-Fold Gates

    • Wrought Iron Gate

    • Stainless Steel Gate

    • Traditional Wood Gates

    • Pedestrian Gate

    • Custom Wood Gate

    • Perimeter Fencing

    • Railing

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    • Solar Powered Entry

    • Driveway Gate

    Gate Installation for Functionality and Accessibility

    Whether your gate security is a keyed entry only or it includes pin pads, remote entry, and Maglocks, you want to ensure that your gates not only limit access but provide proper function while allowing easy access to friends, family, or employees. If it’s a driveway gate you’re installing, you’ll also need to think about how you’ll get your vehicles in and out. Do you want hands-free access, or are you looking for manual gate operation?

    You’ll want also to consider how you want your gate to look. Are you looking for a heavy gate that occludes your view and the prying eyes of passersby? Or would you like an elegant-looking gate that, while keeping out unwanted visitors, doesn’t also hide the natural beauty of the surroundings?

    When it comes to functionality, are you installing a new gate for privacy because you want heightened security, or is it to increase the perceived value of your home? After you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of if you want a swinging gate, a stately solid sliding gate, or a gate that allows the outside world to view your home.

    Types Of Gates

    Pass Gate

    Gates and Railing Torrance California

    Whether for added security or to improve the beauty of your home, a one-of-a-kind residential pass gate may be exactly what you need. These include pedestrian gates secured with a deadbolt or a swinging driveway gate that can be automated to open remotely. These come in various sizes and shapes and can be personalized with a monogram or even custom artwork. Contact G & Garage Door for more information.

    Double Swing Gate

    Gates and Railing Torrance California

    Double swing gates can have one side that is fixed in place with a bolt, with the opposite gate being the gate that swings. Of course, if you need to open the entire gate for maximum access, you can release the bolt and make the stationary gate swing as well. When used for a driveway gate, swinging double gates are usually installed so that they swing in toward your home. These gates are elegant and make a great addition to any home.

    Security Gate

    Gates and Railing Torrance California

    A conventional sliding gate, or security gate, has wheels mounted to the bottom that run or slide on a track mounted to your driveway. A standard sliding gate is usually twelve feet wide, and when open, it stows to one side of your driveway opening. Of course, you could install two separate gates that stow on either side of your driveway opening. And, if your driveway is covered in gravel, you may want to consider installing a cantilever sliding gate.

    Driveway Gate Options

    The material you choose for your driveway gate sets the tone for everything else. The design, maintenance requirements, how the gate functions, the type of gate, the security it provides, and even what size of gate you can install are all impacted by the gate material you choose.

    • Steel: Steel is the most common material used for a driveway gate as it is easy to maintain, and it’s also a good choice if security is a concern.
    • Iron: When you make an accurate comparison, iron is both less durable and less expensive than steel. Of course, the costs of each can vary widely depending on the design you want for the gate.
    • Aluminum: Aluminum is a great option for wider openings, although it doesn’t provide the durability that other materials do.
    • Wood: While wood gates are nice to look at, and the customization options are nearly limitless, the weight of wood makes them more costly to install. And if not maintained regularly, wood can tend to warp and crack. If you have a glass garage door, a glass driveway gate me just what you’re looking for.
    • Glass: Glass gates are modern and can be customized to fit your needs.

    Once you’ve chosen the type of material you want for your driveway gate, we can help you get better acquainted with the various design, security, pedestrian gates, and entry options available for your driveway gate.

    Driveway Gates
    Driveway Gates
    • Programmable Timers

    • Design Consultation

    • Automatic Locking

    • Remote Entry

    • Solar Powered Entry

    • Card Readers

    • Pin Pads

    • Vehicle Sensor Entry

    • Customized Gate Design

    • Gate Hinges

    • Gate Hardware

    • Gate Locks

    Fencing and Railing Installation

    Fencing and Railing Material & Design Options

    When choosing fencing and railing for your home or office, you have four primary concerns, aesthetics, security, privacy, and safety. While, in most cases, you don’t want to forgo any of these, the type of material you choose largely influences – and somewhat impacts the design, function, and maintenance requirements of your railing, fencing, and gates. When installing railing, you’ll want to choose material that either matches or compliments your fencing installation, and vice versa. When you call G & G Garage Door for a free in-home consultation, we’ll help you determine what type of gates, railing, and fencing will work best for your home or office. We’ll review your property and go over various gate and railing designs, materials, and entry options, including transmitters, keypads, card readers, and mobile phone entry.

    Gates and railing Torrance CA

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