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    Modern Garage Doors

    Choosing Modern Garage Doors

    If you’re thinking about investing in one of the new more modern garage doors you may be experiencing difficulty in choosing what’s best for your needs. One of the first things you should consider when upgrading your garage door is how your garage door is used. While most homeowners use their residential garage doors as simply a place to park their cars, others have other uses for the space.

    If your garage is not reserved strictly for the parking of your cars, and you use your garage for storage or recreation then you might want to forgo garage doors with paned glass and opt instead for a garage door that’s insulated. So, begin your thought process for your garage door replacement by taking into account the many lifestyle factors that are particular to you and your family.

    Modern Garage Doors Torrance

    Improve Curb Appeal With Modern Garage Doors

    When choosing a garage door design, the process can seem a little daunting. With so many types and styles of garage doors available you may need help deciding which is best for your application. There are wood garage doors, faux doors, steel doors, and many glass garage door options available to spruce up any home and turn it into a modern home. Plus, with so many garage door styles available you may feel overwhelmed with the entire upgrade process. But, just know that the care taken during the planning of your garage door installation is well worth the investment of time. Also, choosing the right garage door for your needs is considered by many to be the highest return on investment you can make.

    • When choosing a garage door for your home you’ll want to ask yourself if you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood or simply blend in with all the other homes. Traditional garage doors are constructed with garage door panels. There are raised panel options that can help your home stand out. And many have existing garage door designs that include various window sizes and placement options.
    • If your home is more of a colonial-style or Victorian-style home then you may want to consider upgrading your existing garage door to a carriage house garage door style. Carriage house doors give the impression that instead of opening with a motorized garage door opener, the doors swing out manually. These doors are a great option for older homes or even newer homes.
    • Many Los Angeles homes are of the contemporary style with distinctive lines and naturally lit interiors. These homes are better suited for a more modern and contemporary garage door. These doors come in aluminum and glass and are customizable so that you can choose just how much light and privacy you want for your garage.
    • The material you choose can have a tremendous impact when you decide to install a new overhead door. While steel is a favorite of many homeowners due to its longevity and strength, others like the way a natural wood garage door looks and feels. While real wood doors are more expensive and can take a toll on the other components of your garage door system, they really stand out and make a statement in the neighborhood. Whatever modern garage doors you choose for your home be careful to consider how much of an improvement in curb appeal they will make.

    Garage Door Service & Repair

    Clear Glass Garage Doors

    When it comes to contemporary garage doors, nothing is more captivating than the features of of steel garage doors with clear glass panels. Depending on your application and the degree of privacy you require semi-opaque glass can be just as elegant and make a similar statement as a clear glass garage door.

    Modern Steel Doors

    With clean lines and a classic but functional design, modern steel doors are a great way to update your home. But, don’t let the word steel cause you to believe these doors are dull and drab. Remarkably, these doors come in a variety of surfaces, from wood grain texture to grooved and even a stuco texture.

    Custom Wood Garage Doors

    The great thing about choosing a custom designed wood garage door is whatever custom design you can conjure up in your mind is possible. With just a little sketch and some ideas on your part, we can create a door with windows or without that will meet and quite possibly surpass your wildest dreams.

    Upgrade Your Home Today

    If you’re ready to upgrade your home with the addition of a modern garage door we’re ready to help. There are literally thousand of possible combinations for you to customize your garage door to meet your needs. Get inspiration from other garage doors you like and schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

    Garage Door Security Suggestions

    Motion Sensor Floodlights

    A highly effective way to deter theft or any other type of unwanted behavior around your home is to install motion-sensitive floodlights. Once something moves in front of the sensor bright lights are activated and criminals are stopped cold in their tracks.

    Use Rolling Code Technology

    Rolling code technology protects your home by stopping intruders from gaining access with their garage door openers. Basically, your garage door opener generates a new security code every single time your remote is used. When a remote activates the garage door opener a unique algorithm generates one of more than 100 billion possible codes.

    Install A Manual Door Lock

    Since your garage door is the largest entry point in your home, installing a manual door lock is a wise investment. If you are away from your home for a vacation, remember to engage this lock to ensure that your home and belongings are safe and secure while you are away. Of course, you’ll need to use your front door entry when you come home so that you can disengage the manual door lock from inside.

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      Why You Need A New Garage Door

      Now that you have a basic understanding of the styles and configurations that new garage doors can come in, let’s take a look at why you might need a garage door. No, we’re not going to make this a Johnny Carson top 10 countdown of why you need to replace your residential garage doors, we’re simply going to discuss some things that can go wrong with your garage dor and talk about why you might want to consider garage door replacement in the near future. Whether you need professional garage door installation Newport Beach area, or in the greater Los Angeles area, G & G Garage Door is available to help.

      If you find yourself in need of garage door maintenance and need assistance, G & G Garage Door also provides extensive Gardena garage door repair services in the greater Los Angeles area as well. Whether you need a garage door spring replaced, your garage door rollers tightened, or you need a new garage door opener, we’ve got the experience and the availability to service all your garage door needs.

      Safety Reversal Inoperable

      Since 1993 garage door openers must be equipped with a safety reversal system. You may have noticed the two sensors on the floor on either side of your garage door. If these are not operating in congruence with your garage door opener then pets, people, and property can be harmed. Contact us for a free 21-point garage door inspection.

      Noisy Garage Door Opener

      If you have an older garage door system, you probably hear a lot of squeaking and popping noises each time your door is raised or lowered. This may be the result of needed maintenance or these noises may indicate that you need to consider replacing your garage door system. New units dramatically decrease the amount of noise that’s heard inside the home.

      New Garage Door Features

      While garage doors have been around almost as long as the automobile and are considered by many to be old technology, there have been recent advancements that can make your life simpler. For example, openers that come with the MyQ app allow you to operate your door remotely. Over the internet, you can raise and lower your door from anywhere.