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    Overhead Garage Door Installation

    Since 1985, Los Angeles homeowners and commercial property owners have trusted G & G Garage Door with the overhead garage door installation and repair needs. We can install, service, and repair any garage door system on the market. We’ll fix a broken garage door, repair your garage door opener and even install a gate at your home or office.

    Taking care of your investment in a new garage door includes maintaining it. What’s difficult is understanding what exactly needs attention and when. If your garage door squeaks or pops while in operation, you’ll need our 21 point inspection to insure that your door doesn’t fall into further disrepair. One rule of thumb we suggest is, is to call us when you hear your garage door make the first strange sound.

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    Overhead Garage Door Repairs

    Whether you’ve just purchased your home and need residential garage doors, or you are a business owner who needs the added security of heavy-duty steel commercial garage doors, eventually, you’re going to also need garage door repairs. As a homeowner, you understand that your garage door plays a huge part when it comes to curb appeal, so choosing a garage door that’s beautiful as well as functional is of importance. Whether you prefer the carriage house look, raised panels, or want to design your door yourself, G & G Garage door can help. But, we’re not only garage door installers, we also service and repair all types of residential and commercial garage doors.

    • When your overhead door opener isn’t operating, it may be something as simple as a tripped breaker, but might also be a worn-out component in your garage door opener. Garage door openers have a lifespan somewhere between 10 and 15 years. If yours is approaching that age, it might be a good idea to go ahead and call G & G Garage Door to install a new one. Avoid your car being stuck inside or outside your home, with a new garage door opener install.
    • Along with your garage door spring, your garage door cable can wear out over time. A residential garage door spring lasts somewhere around 10,000 cycles or approximately 14 years with the normal use of a residential garage door. However, if you see fraying on your garage door cable, it’s best to call G & G Garage door for our 21 point inspection. If we determine that you need a new garage door cable, we’ll install it the same day.
    • Your garage door system operates with the use of garage door rollers rolling up and down the garage door track. The rollers attach to the garage door and normally operate smoothly. However, there is such a thing as builder-grade rollers. Builder-grade rollers are usually made of plastic or steel and come without ball bearings. These types of rollers will wear out in a short period of time and will need to be replaced in order for your garage door to operate properly. Call us to inspect and/or replace your garage door rollers.
    • Your garage door hinge is a very important part of your garage door system in that it allows each panel to move independently when the garage door is being lifted and lowered. If you have a broken garage door hinge it can negatively impact the entire operating process of your garage door. Schedule your 21 point inspection with G & G Garage Door to ensure your garage door and opener remains in good working order.

    Garage Door Service & Repair

    Garage Door Openers

    If you experience problems with your garage door opener give us a call. Whether it’s an issue with your remote, the garage door being out of alignment, or some other issue, we can diagnose and fix the problem. With G & G Garage Door, your family will enjoy the smooth operation of an overhead garage door.

    Garage Door Replacement

    When you call on G & G Garage door to install a new garage door for your home, we take care of all of the details. This includes ensuring your weatherstripping is installed properly and your garage door panels are aligned properly on the tracks. Your new door system will operate smoothly and provide your home with beautiful curb appeal.

    Garage Door Maintenance

    Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. If it falls into disrepair it will be much more costly to remove it and replace your garage door than to maintain it throughout the year. Call G & G Garage Door to provide quarterly inspection to ensure your garage door operates as it should.

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Your garage door system is made up of many moving parts. Not the least of which is your garage door opener. If your garage door opener is not operating as it should, our garage door repair services also include repairing automatic garage door openers.

    Which Garage Door Opener Do I need?

    Of the many questions we receive, the question of what garage door opener to choose is one of the most common. While there are many brands of openers available with various features and benefits, what it really comes down to when choosing a garage door opener is your needs and your budget. If you want to save space above your garage door, there are wall-mounted garage door openers available. If you would prefer the option of closing and opening your garage door remotely, a myQ smart garage door opener that you can operate with an App is available.

    Do I Need A Lock For My Garage Door?

    While an automatic garage door opener operates as a lock to keep your garage door from being opened by hand, the unscrupulous among us have found ways to get into your garage without the remote. Some use a coat hanger to detach the garage door opener so that it can be manually opened. Although no lock is 100% effective, if you want your garage to be secure, you might want to consider installing a T-Lock on your garage door for additional security.

    How Do I Change My Keypad Code?

    If you have an exterior garage door opener keypad with a cover, the instructions for changing the keypad code should be printed on the inside of the cover. If you have difficulty changing your keypad code, simply call G & G Garage Door and we’ll walk you through it over the phone. If our telephone call doesn’t solve the problem, we’ll be happy to send a technician to your home to assist you with changing the keypad code.

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      Garage Door Questions Answered

      While we have been the leading garage door company in the Los Angeles area for more than 35 years, we understand that not everyone possesses the knowledge and expertise that comes with that moniker. That is why we have put together a few more of the garage door questions we’ve received, along with the answers to those questions. If you have questions that we have not answered, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to provide you with clear, concise answers.

      Garage Door Insulation

      Question: Is garage door insulation beneficial in the Los Angeles area? Answer: While not required, an insulated garage door helps to control the temperature of your garage. This allows less heat to escape during the colder months and less heat to get in during the warmer months.

      Garage Door Maintenance

      Question: How often should I service my overhead garage door? Answer: Many believe that their garage door will alert them to the need for maintenance with unusual noises. But, this is a mistake that can lead to further problems. Your garage door should be serviced annually, regardless of alert sounds.

      Garage Door Openers

      Question: How does rolling code technology keep my garage secure? Answer: Rolling code technology means that a new code is generated every time your garage door remote is used. This technology impedes a criminal’s ability to record your garage door code with the intention of entering illegally.