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We Repair Garage Doors

From garage door springs, garage door openers, replacing panels, and even garage door rollers, we make all types of garage door repairs easy and convenient for you. For the most part, most homeowners don’t give their garage doors a second thought, that is, until something’s not quite right. Say, for example, you’re raising your garage door to go out shopping, and you hear a noise coming from your garage door that you’ve never heard before. At the moment you hear the noise, you might dismiss it as weather-related, expanding, or contracting metal due to excesses of cold or heat. But, the sound may be a tell-tale sign that your garage door system needs attention.

There are a few garage door fixes that homeowners can easily do themselves if so inclined, but others should be left to the professionals. If you suddenly notice that your garage door isn’t operating as it should, one of the first things you can do is take a look at the rollers and tracks. The rollers and tracks of your garage door opening system can tend to be overlooked, and, over time, they’ll become dirty and will need cleaning and lubricants. Also, the bearings inside your garage door rollers can wear out over time and will therefore need to be replaced. Replacing garage door rollers is not a difficult task, but if you’d prefer to have a qualified garage door technician do the work, give us a call.

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    Repair Garage Doors Correctly

    While garage doors look relatively simple, they’re actually quite complicated in their construction, as they’re made up of an entire garage door opening system. From the panels and rollers to the electric sensors and garage door opener, when repairing garage doors, you’ll want to ensure you do so properly, as a mistake made repairing one component can negatively impact other components of your garage door.

    There are many concerns you must be aware of when repairing your garage doors yourself. These include safety concerns, security issues, and worn-out torsion springs. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, and if they’re not properly maintained or if you have an old garage door opener, you may be leaving the door open for harm to your children or pets. Older garage door openers are not equipped with new security features, such as a rotating digital code that can thwart would-be burglars from accessing your home through your garage door. And the tension required to install a new torsion spring is so great it can break bones or even cause death if it’s not installed professionally. But you can forgo all of these potential hazards by simply calling G & G Garage Door for all your garage door repairs.

    Maintaining Your Garage Doors

    When it comes to keeping your garage doors in tip-top shape, there are a few things that can be done on a regular basis to ensure your garage doors don’t fall into disrepair. These include examining your rollers and tracks, tightening any loose hardware, checking pulleys and cables for wear, testing the balance of the door, and ensuring that the autoreverse feature of your garage door opener is operating as it should.

    Examining rollers and tracks: As mentioned, garage door rollers and tracks tend to get dirty very quickly and will need to be serviced and cleaned on a regular basis. Both your rollers and tracks will need to be cleaned with a brush and soapy water to ensure that no debris is left. Once clean, the rollers and tracks will then need lubrication.

    Tightening loose hardware: Rollers are attached to individual panels of your garage door and may loosen over time with regular wear. However, a garage door isn’t operating as it should, moving from side to side as it rises and lowers, can cause the bolts that affix the rollers to the panels to become loose. Also, attention to the bolts that hold the panels to one another can help to avoid further costly repairs or replacement down the road.

    Cables and pulleys: A garage door that has extension springs will have cables and pulleys that attach the springs to the door. These cables and pulleys are under tremendous tension and need to be a qualified garage door technician. When you see frayed or broken strands of wire, we suggest that you call us immediately to avoid any further damage.

    Balancing garage doors: A garage door that isn’t properly balanced puts unnecessary stress and strain on the entire garage door system and needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid a complete garage door failure. One way to check this is by releasing the garage door from the track and attempting to lift it manually. If you’re required to use much more than a few pounds of force to lift the door, the balance needs to be tested by a professional.

    Autoreverse feature is working: All automatic garage doors made today come equipped with an autoreverse feature that is enabled when an object is in the way when the garage door comes into contact with a person, pet, or another object. If your autoreverse feature isn’t working, your pets, children, and anyone in the proximity of the closing garage door may be at risk. Contact us today to test your garage door’s autoreverse feature.

    Should you repair or replace your garage doors?

    Repair Damaged Garage Door

    Whether your garage door has suffered damage from blown tree limbs, errant basketball passes, or faded paint, repairing your garage door can be much less expensive than replacing it. Weatherstripping and other decorative hardware are easy to remove and replace with new, breathing life into your garage door.

    Replace For Efficiency

    If you’re looking to improve energy efficiency replacing your existing garage door will work to do the trick. Over time your garage doors will lose insulation value and decrease whatever amount of energy efficiency they might have once had. With insulated garage doors you’ll enjoy comfort during all four seasons.

    Repair Damaged Sections

    If you have damaged garage door panels as a result of backing into your garage with your car, a simple and relatively inexpensive repair is to simply have those panels replaced with new panels. One thing to consider when choosing whether or not replace your garage door in this instances, is the age of the garage door.

    Replace Worn Out Doors

    Sometimes the best thing you can do is to have new garage doors installed. If your garage doors are 10 years old or older, need serious updating, or if they’re not operating as they should, now may be the perfect time to have G & G Garage Door remove your existing garage door and all the hardware and install a new, modern garage door.

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      Clean Garage Doors Last Longer

      How you clean your garage doors is dependent on the material your garage door is constructed from. Steel and aluminum garage doors require different cleaning procedures than wooden garage doors. Regardless of the type of garage door, keeping the doors clear of dirt and debris will go a long way toward helping your garage doors last longer.

      • You should wash both sides of your garage door once every six months, more frequently if close to the ocean.
      • There are no special cleaning materials required to clean your garage door, simply dilute dishwashing fluid in water and apply with a non-abrasive sponge or scrubbing brush.
      • Once you have removed all of the dirt and debris from the door, rinse thoroughly with a water hose. Avoid using a power washer on your door as it may remove the finish.
      • Once you’ve rinsed the garage doors, use a terry cloth towel or something similar to wipe the garage doors clean and dry.
      • If you have decorative garage door hardware you can use the same water to clean these that were used on the garage doors.
      • First, remove the hardware with tools and let them sit in water so that any soil build-up can be easily removed.
      • Remove the hardware from the water and scrub it with a brush or a non-abrasive sponge.
      • You can also spray paint the hardware to give it a new appearance.
      • Lastly, clean the safety photo eyes so that your doors will continue to close properly.

      Garage Door Opener Repairs

      At G & G Garage Doors, we offer a variety of garage door opener repairs as well as provide garage door opener installation. We have in stock or can order garage door opener parts for most models of garage door openers. From internal gears, receiver kits, circuit boards, and wireless keypads to remotes, battery backups, and more. If we don’t have the part you need in stock, we can either order it or install a brand new, more modern garage door opener with advanced features. And, if you’re in the market for a new garage door, G & G Garage Door offers a free on-site garage door consultation where we can show you the many design options available and help you to determine what garage door style will work best to improve your home’s curb appeal.